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Registrations for 2017 season is now open.

You can register online by pressing one of the links to the right.

As we are finalising Juniors teams now please register as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Due to popular demand we are getting full in the following age groups. If you fit into one of the catagories that is getting full we cannont garuntee a spot. Please register and select Direct Deposit as the payment method. We will then be in touch once teams are finalised.

If your child is in one of the age groups that is full please don't register. Those teams are now finalised.

U10 (FULL)
U11 (FULL)
U12 (5 spaces left)
U13 (FULL)
U14 (5 spaces left)
U15 (FULL)
U16 (FULL)

*As of 7am 10/4/17

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Junior Program

U8/U9 $195

For U10-U17

1st Child $250
2nd Child $235
3rd Child $220.

A uniform levy of $35 applies to new players which includes club shorts to keep, and shirt which you look after.  When you return the shirt upon leaving the club, a $20 refund will be provided.

Each child will also receive a ball to keep.

Black socks are also needed, and can be ordered online or from the canteen for $12